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At  SINGING PADDLES  we offer a variety of guided canoe tours mainly on the waterways of South Devon and have 15 years of canoeing in the area.
We use stable canoes that can be easily paddled by 2 people, with extra seats for a family and sometimes even a dog. Dogs come free.
Anyone can paddle; we have canoed with people in their late 80’s and children as young as 6 months old.
We travel at a leisurely pace stopping occasionally to have a look at and talk about the abundant wildlife of the area.
On some trips we stop at a deserted beach to light fires, brew up and watch the world go by.
On all trips we laugh and on some trips people sing.
Please contact us to find out more.  07754426633


“We always have a great time paddling with Dave. Beautiful settings. Dave has fantastic local knowledge.  Our kids aged 5-11 all absolutely love it! Great family outing”


“Our daughters (14 and 9) have had a number of lessons with Dave over the years. The last one was on 2 August this Summer. Again Dave made the lesson great fun and tailored the experience for them.  We will certainly be booking again.”


“A superb guide and instructor who communicates his knowledge of and passion for the environment brilliantly whilst leading a great day’s paddling.”


Singing Paddles has evolved over 35 years of canoeing and coaching all over the world.
‘As a canoe coach I am fortunate in that I can guide groups through areas that no one else sees and during our travels have adventures and unique wildlife encounters.
‘Canoeing is environmentally friendly; it leaves no trace in the air, no trace on the water, only footprints on the land and ripples in the water.’
‘Canoeing is good for the soul, it fosters self-esteem, builds team work and is as relaxing or exciting as you want to make it!’
‘Canoeing is brilliant; it is easy to start up but takes a lifetime to learn all its subtleties.’

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Singing Paddles is proud to work in partnership with:

Forest and Beach       The National Trust       Slapton Field Studies Centre       The South Devon AONB        Devon Wildlife Trust

Singing Paddles licences and qualifications

AALA R1795  *   Salcombe Harbour Authority   *    British Canoeing