River Taw North Devon

During the off season its great to be able to paddle different waterways. This was a particularly cold day with a heavy frost to start off with. There was a lot of ice on the roads on the way over with a particularly steep country lane claiming parts of a couple of cars in front … Continued

Some Reviews of Trips

Hi Dave Thanks very much for the photos.  We felt very fortunate to have such good conditions for our tour with you and we both enjoyed it very much.  Thanks for taking the opportunity to provide us with additional tuition as it was our first time in a canoe. The booking procedure worked well and … Continued

Recent Paddling Tours

With restrictions we are paddling in small groups everyday.  With many people returning year after years and with new clients, some new to canoeing the groups have had some great experiences and wildlife encounters.  We have had the normal meeting with shrimp and grey mullet but also close meetings with little egrets, buzzards, swans and … Continued

Canoeing during Covid 19

Following the guidelines from the government and British Canoeing Singing Paddles has a method of working that allows us to get out on the water with groups.  It is in low numbers but we are lucky that the canoes being 5 metres long allow fully for distancing when two people are sat in the same … Continued

Tea stop

Bantham to Aveton Gifford Canoe Tour June 2019

We launched down at the ferry steps in Bantham to go up with a 5.0 metre tide to AG. The water was crystal clear and for much of the trip we could see the bottom rushing below us. There were plenty of little egrets, swans and a few herons.  We did encounter a few grey … Continued

Rain on the Second Day

PADDLING IN DALSLAND  –  SWEDEN I love being in that twilight zone between sleep and wakefulness. The zone of fuzziness where you can either decide to snuggle back down in your sleeping bag and drop off to sleep again or start the process of waking up. I was in this zone and I could tell … Continued

A Journey through Dalsland

CANOEING IN DALSLAND  –  SWEDEN It was the last day of my canoe journey in Dalsland so that morning, for the first time since leaving the hire company base, I put on my watch. I had to make a rendezvous with the outfitters van to return the canoe, equipment and myself to the start of … Continued

A Bloodvein River Rapid

CANOEING THE BLOODVEIN RIVER MANITOBA CANADA   “18 kilometres to the end of the river and you want me to start paddling backwards?” Sat in the front of the boat Gareth was to say the least a little incredulous. He turned in the boat to look me in the eye, I guess just to check … Continued

A Long Weekend in the Wilderness

CANOEING IN DALSLAND SWEDEN Sat with a cup of tea in an open fronted wooden camping hut watching the sun go down over the pine forest the UK and work seemed a lifetime and a million miles away. It was hard to think that at the same time the previous day I was boarding a … Continued

Journey to the Whispering River

CANOEING IN THE YUKON THE BIG SALMON RIVER INTO THE YUKON RIVER  –  NORTHWEST TERRITORIES CANADA The water was cold and it gripped my chest like a vice but it was the power of the current that was sweeping me downstream that was truly awesome. A couple of strong strokes and I was able to … Continued