Bowcombe Creek 2 hrs canoeing

A guided canoe tour, taken at a leisurely pace, to explore one of the beautifully quiet creeks of the Salcombe/Kingsbridge estuary. Wildlife we have see previously: kingfisher, buzzard, seal, mullet.

Come and Try It

A chance to have an hour on the water just pottering about to see if you like it or not.

Bat and Bio-Luminescence Tour 2 to 3 hrs

An evening guided canoe tour where we will take along bat detectors to listen for their navigation and hunting calls In the Autumn we can also encounter bio-luminescence in the water

Slapton Ley 2hrs Canoeing

Two hour guided tour on the Slapton Ley will allow you to have rare access to the National Nature Reserve. We will stop to chat about the wildlife and there might be a glimpse of an otter

The Avon at Aveton Gifford 2 hrs canoeing

A guided canoe tour exploring the upper reaches of the Avon Estuary; wildlife, weirs and industrial archaeology.

Salcombe/Kingsbridge Estuary Exploration 3 hrs

A 3 hr tour that gives us a little more time to explore the estuary further. Travelling at a leisurely pace we get a chance to paddle to other creeks in the area and discover their unique charm.

Devon Cream Tea Tour 3 hrs

A 3 hr canoe tour where we take time to stop at a deserted beach, light fires and take tea and cake. You can decide if it's jam or cream first on the scone and even the pronunciation of scone

Hot Sausage and Cream Tea Tour 4 hrs

Our Blue Ribbon Event. A guided trip out onto the estuary. We will stop on a deserted beach to light fires, cook sausages and eat a Devon cream tea and watch the world go by.