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  • Enthusiasm
  • Chuckle muscles

Not everyone has a chance to get onto the water so all Year 6 pupils are offered a 3hr free paddling session during the summer months.  It has been a great success and we now have 9 local schools who send students and staff over to participate .

The canoes are rafted together in pairs that would be extremely difficult to capsize and they make a very stable platform for people who are not confident or who are not used to being in any small watercraft.   The rafts will accommodate 6 children and 2 adults, teachers and parents are encouraged to come along to assist and enjoy the session.  Everyone has a seat and everybody paddles.

The whole group carries the equipment to and from the water and the separate team are picked randomly so there are no cliques in the canoes.

The idea is to guide the group and the individuals within the group using games and fun activities to achieve challenges along the way.  We also discuss various topics along the way which includes the plants and animals found on and in the estuary, tides, other boat traffic, photosynthesis, global warming, pollution and history.  They quickly pick up paddling skills and boat confidence is increase by getting them to change places within the raft every time they stop.  They must work as a team to move the canoes and negotiate different seating positions.

The children’s enthusiasm lasts throughout the session and they even complete the equipment carry back to the vehicle with great gusto.  All the groups have undertaken a voluntary litter pick as we have travelled on the journey with two notable lads from Kingsbridge Primary wading waist deep to a beach to pick off two old tires and bring them back to the canoes.

They had a fantastic time and for most of these children this would have been their first experience on the water in the estuary! Thank you so much. I have attached a photo and will check if I can send you others with recognisable faces in later!

Kind regards Suzanne – Kingsbridge Primary School

Dear Linda and Dave,

Our first group of Year 6 have just got back WOW so excited.

They had a fabulous time!!! Thank you so much.  Thank you for time

With Kind Regards Charlotte Lewis

West Charleton

The children are all very excited and we will be keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine!
Once again, many thanks for organising this lovely opportunity for our children.
Best wishes Tina Malborough


Thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday.

West Alvington