Kingsbridge Canoeing Bio-Luminescence and Bat Tour 2.5-3hrs


Adults £40

Children £20

Kit List

Please bring the following kit with you.

  • Wind proof top
  • Warm Clothing
  • Torch

Getting on the water at dusk we will canoe down the creek stopping now and then to turn on the bat detectors.   We can listen to bats navigating along the tree line, flying out over the water and even catching insect prey.  It is astonishing to hear the bats approaching, passing by and then moving away from the group. The different calls of the bats can also indicate  their species; Devon is home to 17 of the 18 species of bat found in the UK. This is our blue ribbon event.

“A lovely Bat Canoe on Friday, thanks. Lovely to be back out there.”  Love Viv

“Really enjoyed a fantastic evening paddling and looking for bats. Dave was knowledgeable as ever even telling us about the floating gravel!”  Thanks, Jackie

“Mind blowing bioluminescence!”  Charlie